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how do you have time to draw fan art almost every day?? omg i struggle to find time to draw even like every other day ;;
by Anonymous

I always make an effort to try drawing every day ToT AND I END UP DRAWING YAOI FANART MOST OF THE TIME„„, i really cant take breaks from drawing because i wanna keep it close and familiar at all times… I struggle a lot w art bc it feels foreign to my hands O_O AND ITS EALLY UNCOMFORTABLE SO I WANT TO ESTABLISH A BETTER REALTIONSHIP W MY HAND.. that sound so fuk up

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October 21 2014

^_^… i love the hq rpg vers so much 

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October 21 2014
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First of all... I love your art ;0; I just saw your reply to the other anon, and AAH one of my best friends goes to your school and is a senior there. I'm very jealous.. it seems like a wonderful school..
by Anonymous

omg it is really fun being in down town chicago T_T MYABE I WILL MEET YOUR FRIEND

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October 20 2014
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Umm what college do you go to and what are you majoring in??
by Anonymous

columbia college chicago and im majoring illustration ^_^

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October 19 2014
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art trade!!!! serpico for my kenny ^.^ love kenny and love serpico….

art trade!!!! serpico for my kenny ^.^ love kenny and love serpico….

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October 19 2014
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October 19 2014
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ZION. T (자이언티) - 양화대교


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October 18 2014
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I stumbled upon youre blog a few weeks back and im totally in love with youre art. I was wondering what types on pencils, pens, materials you specifically use? :)
by Anonymous


im too lazy to number these im just gonna go from top to left to right

  1. uniball white gel pen
  2. sakura roll white gel pen
  3. pentel hi polymer eraser
  4. pilot pocket brush pen soft
  5. prismacolor premier fine liner
  6. micron pen
  7. stabilo fine liner
  8. weird… cheap no branded pens LOL WTF ARE THESE
  9. pilot penmanship fountain pen
  10. pentel black watercolor brush pen
  11. pentel watercolor brush
  12. zebra blue and black pen
  13. zebra mechanical pencil with red and blue lead
  14. staedler mars technico drafting pencil
  15. le pen drawing pen
  16. pilot duel end brush pen
  17. tombow pen
  18. zebra pen THAT I GOT FROM CHOU

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October 17 2014
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HQQQQQQQQQQQ_QQQQQQ_Q_Q_Q SRY I AM SPAMMING i needp to keep up with uploading so this doesnt happen LOLL

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October 17 2014
Post tags: ushioi kagehina kuroken haikyuu!! kageyama tobio hinata shouyou kenma kozume kuroo tetsurou ushijima wakatoshi oikawa tooru fanart ngotebook


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October 17 2014
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still thinks about free on the daily… also if u give to me serarei fic i will marry u plz THERE IS LITERALLY ONLY ONE .. ONE… and it is really rocking plz read it . ive been calling uozumi and minami as uonami but tou tell me it is 魚住…!!!! UOMIN???UOMIn UOMIN 


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October 17 2014
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*sees pic of tezuka* oh look fancy seeing spicybara here
by Anonymous

IM SO GLAD THT U ASSOCIATE ME WITH TEZUKA bc i associate myself w tezuka he is me

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October 17 2014
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This is my fucking jam right now.

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October 12 2014
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im going to marathon all of digimon

im going to marathon all of digimon

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October 8 2014
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hey everyone! here’s the october surprise!!

october is national anti-bullying month, and since blue is the anti-bullying color, i’m releasing pretty boy crewnecks and shirts in blue! 50% of proceeds from purchases made in october will go to STOMP out bullying, the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization for kids and teens! (domestic shipping is approx. between 3-7 days by the way)

i dealt with a lot of bullying through my childhood and it took a really huge toll on my self-confidence and view on life. even worse, the more i was bullied, the more vengeful i became, and the more i wanted to get back at those who hurt me… at some point i unintentionally became a bully myself. it’s clear to me now that fighting back only creates more fighting, even on the internet. as the internet allows us to be exposed to and interact with more people, i believe it’s more important now than ever to be understanding and tolerant of other people’s points of view and treat others as you would like to be treated. life is hard and sometimes unfair, but it is important to be able to move past that negativity and make it into something positive for yourself and for others. plus, i think everyone can use a little extra kindness once in a while! B^)

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October 7 2014